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“Invest In Our Planet” – World Earth Day 2023

World Earth Day was celebrated on the 22nd of April 2023., the global organizer of the World Earth Day announced the theme for this year as “Invest in Our Planet”.

Transnational Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. is committed to delivering the triple bottom line through value creation as a strategy involving all our stakeholders, for creating sustainable business practices through participation. Therefore, the Management together with the Employees organized an event on the theme to show their support towards Mother Earth by gathering at the Records Center located at Hokandara, for the purpose of planting trees. This is a valuable contribution to the environment.

It is our duty and responsibility as human beings to protect and to use the Earth’s natural resources wisely while also conserving for our future generations. Let’s help save the Earth from prevailing environmental issues such as global warming, climate change, pollution caused to the environment through carbon, waste, and chemical emission, mismanagement of natural resources by creating a better future for all to live in.