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Transnational Lanka Celebrates Women’s Day 2023!

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023, Transnational Lanka organized an event, where all its women employees were appreciated, valued, motivated in the roles they perform within the organization. This event was organized by our top management together with the HR department of Transnational Lanka. On this women’s day a special speech was delivered by our company’s General Manager – Mr. Shazleen Saleem, to all our women employees, to encourage, motivate, appreciate and to celebrate all their achievements alongside of their contribution to the organization no matter the job roles they perform in at our country office, warehouse and in at our project sites. Transnational Lanka has further taken steps to develop women leaders emerging within the organization to take up leadership in significant roles for leading the organization towards success.

Transnational Lanka encourages a world comprising of gender equality by practicing gender equality within our homes and within our organization to be able to value difference and to work in unity and harmony. This initiative gives way to value all women employees today & throughout the years to come.