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Cash Management

ATM and Self-Service Device Management

Transnational Lanka offers ATM and Self-Service Device Management (CDM, BDM, Recycles, etc.). The machines are always ready for customer transactions, cash float management, periodic maintenance, attending to breakdowns, and trapped card collection. Our support services will be provided by highly skilled and experienced staff who will ensure uninterrupted service to match every customer’s needs for transactions.


Cash in Transit (CIT) Operations

The Cash in Transit services provided by Transnational Lanka will ensure safe end-to-end transportation and handling of all cash operations. Inter-branch cash, cheques, foreign currency collection and delivery, Central Bank delivery, and other compliances while meeting regulatory requirements with fully vetted staff, high-security vehicles with GPS tracking systems, safe containers, and armored escorts will provide the maximum protection when cash in transit.

Corporate and Retail Cash Collection

Retail chains and corporate entities can largely benefit from a dedicated cash collection system with same-day credit facilities and tailor-made retail cash management solutions for customers. The semi-automated technologies and digital applications used by Transnational Lanka will ensure a meticulous, comprehensive service with attention to detail.

Cash Sorting and Processing

Managing cash and cash processing costs effectively is easier with Transnational Lanka’s solutions curated for Financial Institutions and Banks. Cash handling, sorting, and processing are done under careful guidance with maximum safety, security, and accuracy for a smooth operation. We are specialized in providing a diverse range of services for the Central Bank’s and Commercial Bank’s requirements for sorting coins and notes.

Vault Management

Transnational Lanka provides highly secured and insured vaults under client specifications and compliance for managing, storing, and preserving cash while handling other valuables with reliability and security for all purposes in businesses.


Cashier Outsourcing Services

Transnational Lanka takes off the burden by providing qualified cashiers on par with Banks and Financial Institutions’ standards for meeting short-term and long-term needs while mitigating the risk of handling cash.

High Valued Goods Logistics Solutions

We provide fully integrated security logistics solutions and vaulting facilities to secure your bills, cash, cheques, gems and jewelry, healthcare products, valuable chemicals, and samples under the required advanced temperature, humidity, lighting, and conditioning controls for our client’s high-value business needs while providing best practices and consistency.


Digital Transaction Payment Solution

We provide digital fund transfer, and payments from any partner merchant in a supermarket, retail store, or restaurant with innovative digital platforms. This specific digital solution ensures convenient, fast, swift, and secure digital transactions online via a consumer mobile phone by confirming authentication and verification with low transactional costs.